First day @ office

The first day at a new company with a completely different environment is always a challenge. Various departments, names and faces to be learned, company structures, safety instructions, values and branding to keep in mind not to mention the new culture.

Equipped with tabtourthailand signature tablet training the employee will spread out on a journey within the companies campus or offices with the main goal to become acquainted with the location, departments, safety protocols, products and company values  in an interactive way.

The program will be designed in close cooperation with your HR department and all data received during the activity can be used to improve your introduction program.

-Impress your new employers with a modern introduction program

-Analyse your introduction program with the data collected

-Stabilize your introduction program

Cross cultural communication

This program is based on extensive research we conduct (on a regular basis) with Western multinationals operating in the Asian region. The purpose of this research is to identify what type of cross-cultural issues our clients are facing, and then ensure our programs effectively address their needs, which are commonly:

A) To help our clients overcome issues related to the challenges of working in cross-cultural teams (such as communication problems / misunderstandings / lack of trust, etc.).

B) To help their Western managers and technical experts working in Asia acquire a better understanding of the dynamics of working in Asia and show them how to adapt their behavior and management approach to a style more appropriate for the Asian cultural context.

C) To develop local Asian talent who are aspiring to make a career in a Western multinational on how to overcome culturally based differences in thinking, behavior and approach to work, that may be blocking them from being effective in their professional roles when working in an international organization.

All of our programs have one theme and goal in common – to create an awareness of cross-cultural differences and how these differences impact the way we think, behave, communicate and do business with each other.

Educational team dynamics

Research shows that harnessing the unique expertise of team members is one of the most important factors in creating high-performing teams. We document the dynamics that undermine team performance and shares the ways that you can overcome the barriers to success both as a team leader and member.

Security instructions

The annual security instruction usually takes place in a conference room. But the tabtourthailand can be used to replace the conference room and the annual security instruction will be more interactive and dynamic. All safety-related data within a factory can be implemented as a spot into the back end of the software.  Equipped with their own device (Android and iOS supported) the employees will spread out on a journey with the main goal to become acquainted with safety-related information in an interactive way. This allows new employees to swiftly acquire new knowledge and the participants will face interesting tasks. The relevance for a company’s management to run such an event are the important statistic results. With the help of these statistics the management can analyze what has been learned and where the potential for improvement is.